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About IMAR

The company IMARAD INTERIORS, having the registered office in the city of Arad, the first important city of Romania at the entrance from Central Europe, has more than one century of aristocratic tradition in wood carving.

IMARAD INTERIORS was established and developed starting from two factories: the First Furniture Factory of Arad, founded in 1890 by L.E.Lengyel, as the furniture supplier for the Austro-Hungarian Empire Court and the Romanian Royal Court, and during 1985- 1990 it was the main supplier for the House of the Republic, the second being Arad Sawmill, founded in 1923 by A.Cornis.

With its noble simplicity and silent grandeur, figment of craftsmanship and devotion, done with exquisite skill, IMAR brand furniture continues to amaze and thrill us at the same time. Even though IMAR was acknowledged due to the special attention given to traditional, solemn furniture, in Renaissance, Baroque, Louis XVth and Chippendale style, its execution requiring great skill and mastery of the cabinet-making secrets, it found an overall harmony, offering nowadays various styles recognized as conventional in a contemporary approach.

The technical sector comprises of wood architects, engineers and technicians, who have developed an accurate research work on furniture making procedures for defining the collections, which favoured classical style and models interpreting, making them both functional and modern.

Every prototype has the same old course: it starts on the designer’s board, expressing his own ideas, it then passes to the hands of carpenters, making it a reality, of sculptors, who stylize it, of intarsia craftsmen, who garnish it, and of decorators, who make it harmonious.

Sculptures and intarsia are hand-crafted, as they were during the old days, with skill and hard work, entwined with that same irrepressible, unbridled passion that stimulated obtaining a quality finished product.

IMAR creates living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, halls, and furniture for offices, hotels, small furniture, as well as any other type of custom-made furniture.

The careful choice of the best wood essences, of quality finishing materials and defining the particular and detail take IMAR furniture to the level of art.